Colaborate With Us

  • We offer best herbal products only for dispensing at your end. We have come with a brand new approach as the Ayurvedic products acceptance is increasing globally and in India in double digits.

  • Labh Enterprise launched a platform to sell a range of Ayurvedic products to the Health Practitioners who are in search of 100% Ayurvedic formulations and have good skill to approach patients with new confidence in Ayurveda.

  • We offer Health Practitioners full range of Six basic products at the moment.

  • Joining us you can establish as a 100% Ayurvedic practitioner by offering safe products with no side effects.

  • De-addiction, Stop Tobacco , Smoking, Tobacco and Stop Alcohol Clinic without any side effects like diarrhoea and vomiting.

  • Chronic Pain Care Clinic treatment with no steroids or NSAID.

  • Skin Allergy Asthma Clinic.

  • Weight Loss Clinic.

  • We never advertise our products on any platforms. We offer best products only for dispensing where, health professionals have to use their skills to diagnose and dispense the most effective product.

  • They need to spend their valuable time by interacting with patients and they will be rewarded back by patients with smile of relief and practitioners will be benefitted by monetary gain of extra income and identity as specialized clinical practice.