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RIDOBEZ The Right Product with results and safety.
Physical appearance is the most important aspect of a personality. Eagerness to maintain body weight and shape is also very high.
Ridobez Increases body metabolism and helps to burn more calorie & reduces fat detoxifies and regulates fat deposition. Reverts deposited fat and converts in to energy and reduces sluggishness.
Ridobez is not diet replacement program and has no side effects. Weight loss will give you a better shape and confidence. Ridobez will give a feeling of freshness.
Spices plays major role in fat burning and deposition and reversible transformation of fat to glucose & energy.


  • GREEN TEA (CAMELLIA SINESIS): Reduces food intake and increases metabolic rate and also inhibits the Leptin (enzyme) involved in fat storage and increases fat breakdown hence reduces weight. It is an effective preventative and therapeutic agent in heart disease (Lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and is positively associated with a lower incidence of different forms of heart disease). It is an anti oxidant and also prevents cancer.
  • TAJ (CINNAMOMN) : It Increases metabolism controls blood sugar it breaks down sugar for absorption into the body as energy and less fatty acids are produced for body to store. It energizes and helps to exercise more and lead a more active lifestyle.
  • KARIYATA (ANDROGRAPHIS PANICULATA) : Prevents hyperglycemia (Hypoglycemic activity) induced by oral administration of glucose, possibly by preventing the absorption of glucose from the gut.
  • JYESTHI MADHU (GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA) : It lowering in levels of body fat. Adds taste to the product natural sweetener.
  • KOKUM (GARCINIA CAMBOGIA) :Kokum content of hydroxy citric acid (HCA) inhibits the conversion which plays an important role in the synthesis of carbohydrates into fats, then it works on the enzyme fatty acids and in transforming sugars into triglycerides and lipids controlling bad cholesterol (LDL). It has an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-carcinogenic, it is found to be neuro-protective, heals ulcers, used in Alzheimers disease and as an antiallergic.
  • HALDI : TURMERIC, CURCUMA LONGA) : Lowers cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease, detoxifies the liver, helps to burn fat. Increases bile in the stomach which helps to break fat, in insulin resistance diabetes, it controls sugar levels lowers chances of developing diabetes. Also reduces retaining extra fat. Boosts immune system. Anti cancer. Good for skin wrinkles care during weight loss.
  • HERDE :Detoxifies, Promotes healthy eating habits by supplying the body with the full spectrum of natural tastes. Reduces excessive water content used as part of a weight loss program.
  • PAINERASE 100 ML MRP: Rs 250/- (Delivery charges Extra we deliver via Currier if available or Registered Post Parcel. Free Delivery for 0rders above Rs. 500)

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