Pain Erase

This is a new approach to help patients with chronic joint pain.
Chronic Joint pain is in most cases auto immune condition. For relief a safe and effective approach is needed.
This is 100% Ayurvedic , safe and effective way to erase pain…

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Addict can easily quit alcohol with little motivation. One may give without informing to addict.
To quit any habit one must clean the toxins from the body and also address to Craving and Anxiety.

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Addicts are not woried but family members are worried.
Ridtobak tasteless drops ican be mixed with any food item and if adict consumes tobacco they may not enojy the same taste and no kick from the product and no craving…
Ridtobak spray is pallatable with piperment flavor gives extra cooling in mouth.

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Prevention is better than cure
To Stay Healthy you need to De-Toxicy your body!
Herbs used in TOX ERASE cleanses body removes toxins. Rejuvates whole body. Improves Immunity.
Increases Energy Level and Improves Sexual functions as well.

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Relaxation, Deep Breathing Exercise and Quit Smoking
Internationally Famous Doctors & other dignities have Endorsed Rid-tobak for its Effectiveness with their blessings we are introducing this drops.
Prof. Dr. P.M.Kothary (Blessed us to Make this product as best quit tobacco regimen) What ever you read about testimonials below and our academic & international development is possible because of Blessings of Dr Kothary & Dr Daftary)
Hon.Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon
TATA Memorial Hospital (Parel-Mumbai)
Hon. Head & Neck Research Surgeon Scientist TATA Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai
Senior Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon B.A.R.C. Mumbai
Fellow of Head & Neck Society of USA
Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine UK
Senior Most Cancer Surgeon
Dr Vinod Daftary
BSc, MED M.B.B.S., D.P.B, F.C.P.S, F.I.C.S, F.C.A.P , USA , M.I.A.P,
Professor of Microbiology at Grant Medical Collage Mumbai
Chairman of Leading Pharmaceutical Company at Mumbai
Have supported us to develop this Product an Kind Guided us with their Blessings
Dr Dr.Bathena H.M.
MS Onco Surgeon and Cancer Researcher (Reconstructive Surgeon)
Dr Ashok Shenoy
MS FRCS (Edn.)
Professor and Head of the department of Head and Neck Cancer Surgery at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology
Dr Ram Mohan Tiwari
Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon was at Netherlands & he is Founder of Indian Head & Neck Cancer Society of India
Dr Kinner Shah
Cancer Surgeon Ahemdabad
Fellow Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre NY USA . Have also tried and appreciated Rid-tobak.
Dr J D Patel
(Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon & Professor of Cancer Surgeory with M.P.Shah Cancer Hospital, Ahemedabad)
Dr Vishal Rao
(Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon & Professor of Cancer Surgeory Banglore- Kidwai Cancer Research Institute & Wokhardts Howpital)
Dr Kaustubh Patel
MS MCh Onco
Chairman of Aastha Oncology associates Medi-surge Hospital, Ahemedabad
Dr Jagdish Kothari
Onco Surgeon
Aastha Oncology associates Medi-surge Hospital, Ahemedabad
Dr D G Vijay
MS MCh Onco
Aastha Oncology associates Medi-surge Hospital, Ahemedabad
Dr Rajendra Toprani
MS MCh Onco
Aastha Oncology associates Medi-surge Hospital, Ahemedabad
Dr Kalpana Kothari
MD (Gynac)
Gynac Onco Surgeon
Aastha Oncology associates Medi-surge Hospital, Ahemedabad
Dr Ketan Trivedi
MS MCh Onco
Aastha Oncology associates Medi-surge Hospital Ahemedabad
Dr Dushyant Mandlik
MS Onco Plastic Surgeon
Aastha Oncology associates Medi-surge Hospital, Ahemedabad
Dr Umang Desai
Cancer Surgeon Bhavnagar
Dr Sushil Karia
(FRCS Uro Surgeon Rajkot & UK)
Dr Rajendra Kabaria
(Professor of Neuro Surgeory Bhavnagar )
Dr Tejas Thakkar
Dental Surgeons at Bhavnagar
Dr Kiran Thakkar
Dental Surgeon Bhavnagar
Dr Ajay Dawada
Dental Surgeon, New Panvel, Raigadh Mumbai
Mr Cyrus Dordi,
President of Leading Cement Industry Corporate at Mumbai
Dr Smita Dawada
Dental Surgeon, New Panvel, Raigadh Mumbai
Dr Ankur Dave
(Deaddiction Specialist at Sardar patel Vyasan Mukti kendra Ahemdabad)
Dr J D Prajapati
MS General Surgeon,Gandhi Nagar
Dr Jagruti Chasmawala
Ortho Dentist,Mahim Mumbai
Dr Visnagra
Uro Surgeon,Bhavnagar
Dr Mitul Doshi
URO Surgeon, Bhavnagar
Dr Mansi S Chauhan,
Dental Surgeon, Bhavnagar
Dr Sanjeev Shah
MD Path Bhavnagar
Dr Hitesh Bhatt
MD DGO(Gynaecologist), Bhavnagar
Dr Bela Bhatt
MD DGO(Gynaecologist), Bhavnagar
Dr V Dhanak
Anaesthetics, Bhavnagar
DR Jayesh Pandya
Child Specialist, Bhavnagar
Dr Tushar Trivedi
MS Ortho, Bhavnagar
Dr Chavan
FRCS Orth, Bhavnagar
Dr Mansi Chavan
BDS Dental Surgeon, Bhavnagar
Dr Jitu Shah
ENT Surgeon, Bhavnagar
Dr S Gajjar
MS, Bhavnagar
Dr. Keny Bhatt
Dr Joy Kurian
Erna Kulum Cochin Leading Dental Surgeona dn Deaddiction Specialist
Dr Preeti Godhania
Ernakulum Leading Dental Surgeon
Dr Mukesh Buch
Veer Nagar Vyasan Mukti Kendra (Senior Deaddiction specialist at Most Famous Veer Nagar Vyasan Mukti
Dr Rajendra Trivedi
(Neuro Surgeon & Professor of Neuro Surgeory Rajkot )
Mr Shankar Sinh Waghela
Attended a camp at Gandhi Nagar
Dr Vallabh Kathiria
Ex. Minister of Health
Elected Member of Parliament from Rajkot have also acknowledged this product at Rajkot
Dr Manish Mehta
(Professor of Ear Nose Throat Surgeory Dindayal Medical Collage Rajkot )
Dr S Varteji
(Doctor of Medicine Bhavnagar )
Dr Rajiv Oza
(Doctor of Medicine) Bhavnagar
Dr Bharat Fadia,
MD Doctor of Medicine & Cardiology
DR Kamlesh Joshi
Intensivist MD Mumbai
Dr Cinmay Bhatti
MBBS, Ahemedabad
Dr Deepak Bhatti
Shihor Bhavnagar
Dr Nilesh Lohana
General Practitioner, Bhavnagar
Dr Mukesh Patel
Director of Leading pharmaceutical company
Mr S. Bhattacharya
Vice President Exports
In Leading Pharma Company from Ahemedabad Have helped us to get foreign orders
Mr J K Bhatt
Supritendent of Police Rajkot have also organised Camps at Rajkot
Mr A. P. Qureshi
Commandent S.R.P.F GR-XIII Ghanteshwar Rajkot
State reserve Police Force have also organised Camps at Rajkot
Mr Anarwala
Commander of State Researve police at Gondal have also Organised Camps
Hasmukh Patel
SP Bhavnagar police Department ahve also organised Camps
Swami Nirdoshanand Saraswati have also organised camps
Jailor Mr Patel
Have also organised Camps at Bhavnagar district Jail
C K Patel
Commander Homegurds Bhavnagar
Mr Arun Mehta
Ex Mayor, Bhavnagar
Mr Bipin Vyas
Ex- Deputy Mayor, Bhavnagar
Girish Shah
Ex- Director in GSFC Gujarat
Mr Amar Acharya
Member of Municipal Council Bhavnagar
Mr Nawab Rajah
Kedah, Malaysia
Mr Chya
Kualalmpur, Malaysia
Ms. Maria T P Bolon
Pusat-Tamang Abang Jakarta
Dr Attie Soekender
Head of the Narcotic Department and Internation Personality against Tobacco
Dr Jessica Carmen
Mr Matt Colinz
Hong Kong
Mrs. Mery Rose,
Mr Markus
Mr Marco Nulla
Mr Marc Cutino
Mr Steven Yerrow
Mr Shirish Parel
Ms. Zynab Pahadi
Cincinnati Ohio,USA
Ms. Rekha Dua
Senior Reporter
Mr. Shindler
Bui Magnetics
Dr Chandran
Mr Jimmy Chan
Ms. Lilian Chan
KL Vitality

Ms. Jen / Mr Yup
Constuction Company Director
Mr Malik
Cape Town
South Africa
Mr Abdul Ahemed
Business Man From Cairo
We are also thankful to other hundreds of doctors & other friends who have appreciated this product and encouraged us to go ahead with this mission of quit tobacco
International and National Media have Endorsed Rid-tobak.
Asia News International "Friday, April 22, 2005"
[ India News] Rajkot , Apr.22 (ANI): For people who want to free themselves from the shackles of tobacco addiction hope has finally arrived. An Ayurvedic consultant, Chetan Mehta, has prepared a drink, which makes one averse to the taste of tobacco when consumed.
Named Rid-tobak this product reduces the longing for tobacco , and even when a person consumes tobacco, will not give the person any stimulation that nicotine normally provides. The result: The consumer develops a dislike for smoking or chewing tobacco.
Rid-tobak has its impact within two minutes of consumption. He first tested the product on policemen, and received positive response. "My first target was the police force. Policemen are always under stress, and I felt they needed help. Those who took Rid-tobak are changed persons they are no longer seen smoking beedis during their patrols or when on duty at traffic islands or police stations.
If Rid-tobak can cure policemen, it can have a positive impact on others too. After testing the medicine on policemen with positive results,.....
Ingredients of Rid-tobak includes ashwagandha, jai, shankhpushpi, safed musali, brahmi, tulsi, glycerine, and propylene. Mehta claims, it is safe and completely non- toxic, and that its regular use can free the addict from the clutches of tobacco smoking and chewing.
Amubhai Virda a Rajkot policeman got relief from fifteen-year-old addiction "We have found that around 50 -60% policemen take tobacco. Most of them also smoke cigarettes. When they started consuming this herbal product, the result was unbelievable" said J.K Bhatt, Superintendent of Police, Rajkot .
Rid-tobak has been endorsed by some Allopathic doctors too. It has no side effects, and gives results within a week. It is cost effective as compared to other products available in the market , said Rajendra Trivedi, President of the Indian Medical Association.
Rid-tobak is not yet marketed in India . (ANI)
This news was shown on Many National and International Television News Chanels and Print media as well.Rid-tobak comes calling to reduce smoke screen.
QUEER as it may sound, but tobacco-rich Gujarat has found a 'sweet' solution in a candy pack to fight tobacco addiction . Bhavnagar-based ayurvedic consultant Chetan Mehta has developed a 2.2 gm herbal toffee, Ridtobak , that claims to deaddict.
Two lakh mint-flavoured Rid-tobaks are ready to be shipped to Malaysia in a week's time, Mr Mehta told ET. "Unlike the commonly available nicotine replacement treatment products including chewing gums and patches that contain traces of nicotine to battle addiction, Rid-tobak is 100% nicotine-free .
The herbal toffee comprises ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), tulsi (basil), bramhi (bacopa monnieri), shankhapushpi (convolvulus pluricaulis ), safed musli (chlorophytum borivilianum) and jai (common oat)," he said.
A first generation entrepreneur, Mehta, started with about Rs 4 lakhs, mostly borrowed from friends, to start Labh Enterprise in 2001 with his wife Mita and now has a turnover of Rs 15 lakh. While the company had been manufacturing herbal anti-tobacco tonic (under the same brand name) and exporting to the Far East, Europe and the US since then, they are expecting the toffee to consolidate their position in the global market.
"According to my clients in Europe , the European Union is contemplating to be more stringent about aqueous formulations so that the product concerned has zero-microbes , I thought to improvise upon my product. After experimenting for two months, I have succeeded to make a tablet whose contents remain stable even at 150 degrees," he said. Mehta explains that two minutes after this toffee is taken, it will ensure that an addict takes a dislike to the taste of tobacco. "He will not crave for tobacco for at least 5 hours. One would need around three tablets in a day," he said claiming that the anti-tobacco tonic was found to de-addict in three days' time.
The Indian Express National English Daily News paper
Tanveer Siddiqui
Ahmedabad, November 19 : 2004
A NEW ayurvedic formulation which causes aversion to consuming tobacco products has shown encouraging results with people wanting to kick the habit. Named as Rid-tobak, .....
Mehta who had got the product tested for acute toxicity on rats in Mumbai in May, says the reports suggest that administration of single oral dose to rats showed no signs of toxicity.
Encouraged by this, he went ahead with regular production and currently trying to find a proper marketing base in the country. Interestingly, while the product is yet to hit the Indian market, it will be launched in New York next month under a different brand name, Mehta said.
Mehta claims that the effect is instantaneous from day one. ‘‘Take eight drops in mouth and rinse thoroughly for two minutes before swallowing them is all one needs to do,’’ he says.
According to him, while other sprays and freshners change taste of the whole mouth, these drops change taste of only tobacco. Duration of treatment is also shorter with two to three weeks against two to three months in the case of using nicotine patches and chewing gums, he says.
Besides affecting taste of tobacco, it stops stimulation from nicotine and reduces craving for consumption of tobacco, Mehta said.
Dilip Patel, a deputy manager in State Bank of India , who has been using Rid-tobak drops for a month now finds it quite effective. ‘‘I used to consume a mix of simple gutkha and tobacco but after using these drops, the consumption has dropped to 50 per cent,’’ Patel says. ‘‘You won’t feel eating tobacco any more and rather would want to spit it out...I think I will be able to kick the habit out soon,’’ he said.
Dr. J D Patel, a cancer surgeon with M P Shah Cancer Hospital here, has been instrumental in introducing the drug to tobacco-users in the city.
‘‘This replacement for tobacco can free an addict from using tobacco...this is a wonderful molecule that replaces tobacco with no side effect,’’ says Dr Patel. He says that it gives all effects of tobacco like mood elevation and kick but without any carcinogenic effect.
Dr. Ankur Dave, active in tobacco and drug de-addiction for past nine years, has administered these drops to over 300 patients at various de-addiction camps. ‘‘A majority of them gave up the habit because the treatment was given combined with psychotherapy and counseling,’’ he said.
He feels that for the sake of better promotion, the product should be promoted on a larger scale by doctors and word of mouth instead of selling it over the counter. ‘‘There is no single molecule in allopathy that causes aversion to tobacco like this one,’’ he said.
…………………….Dr Mukesh Patel, director of a prominent pharmaceutical company, has said the product is good but extra efforts would be required to pursue people to use it. ‘‘Wherever I have given the samples, the response was good,’’ he said.
Divyabhaskar North America Canada edition By Ms. Rekha Dua
Gujarati Weekly Abhiyaan, Gujarat Samachar, Saanj Samachar, Saurashtra Samachar, Aajkaal, Akila, Jansatta& other news papers have published several articles about Rid-tobak
The Tribune Chandigarh Reported by PTI
India’s first herbal anti-tobacco product introduced
Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, May 31: ‘Rid-Tobak’, a product which will help tobacco addicts quit it, was today introduced by the Unani Hospital and Panchi Karma centre here.
The product will now be available at different hospitals in the Valley, Director of Unani Hospitals in Kashmir Dr Naseer Ahmad Haqueem told newspersons at the product launch at Natipora on world anti-tobacco day today.
According to an estimate, about 30 per cent of the people in the Valley smoke tobacco.
Dr. Haqueem said, ‘Rid-Tobak", successfully launched in the US, Italy, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Europe, south east and Asia Pacific countries, helped addicts to quit tobacco smoking and chewing addiction to some extent.
Unless and until the vicious circle of taste-kick-craving-anxiety is broken totally, it was difficult to get them motivated to quit tobacco, he added.
Tobacco was a legally available narcotic substance, he said, adding that ‘Rid-Tobak’ could change the taste of tobacco products, stopping kick and craving and relieving anxiety.
Dr. Haqueem said trials conducted by leading head and neck cancer surgeons at various cancer research institutes on more than six hundred cases had revealed good results.
He said after taking ‘Rid-Tobak’ for three days, the addiction decreased by 73 per cent and in a week by 86 per cent, without any side effects or withdrawal symptoms.
The course of the product was for two to four weeks, he said, adding it contained non-toxic substance and the effect started from the first intake.
This Camp was organized in presence of Mr Khan IG of Jammu & Kashmir with Due Co-operation of Mr Gulamnabi Azad.
Also shown by ETV Kashmir
………..The principal drugs used are nico­ tine-free drops. Ridtobak nicotine-free drops change the taste of tobacco and stop craving; moreover, they cause aversion to tobacco smoking and chewing. Quitobak, another product, has not only nutritive value, but also unique anti-tobacco action: it makes tobacco tasteless or alters its usual taste to one which regular users do not like, thus preventing nicotine stimulation, and the addict finds tobacco to have lost its previous effects.
Malaysia STAR News paper have also published an article
Phillipines Television Channel have Telecasted Interview of Mr Nawab Rajah and Dr Jessica Carmen at Manila
We are also thankful to other hundreds of doctors & other friends who have appreciated this product and encouraged us to go ahead with this mission of quit tobacco.